CAUTION: SUC-IT, LLC and its affiliates are not responsible for damaged phones or cracked screens. Suction is not intended for prolonged use. It is intended to be used on smooth surfaces only for brief periods of time. Using the SUC-IT on textured surfaces will cause the phone to fall and potentially break. Use this product at your discretion. Use of the SUC-IT while operating a motor vehicle is not recommended. Check and obey your states applicable laws and regulations. SUC-IT has a strong pull and we are not responsible for damaged items or surfaces where it is placed. It can potentially crack a computer screen or navigation screen in car. Care should be taken on any surface the SUC-IT is used on. The pull tab on the side is designed to help release suction after use. Pulling hard on the SUC-IT may damage the surface it’s attached to or rip the SUC-IT silicone band. This is not a toy and not to be used by children under the age of 12. Small parts can cause choking if swallowed and materials may be harmful if swallowed. Do not use SUC-IT on skin. Please seek medical attention if any of these things happen. This product may contain materials known to cause cancer or birth defects in the state of California. The SUC-IT is patent pending 2018

This product is a registered trademark of SUC-IT, LLC. The following trademark is a registered product in the US and other countries. The design, artwork and package are proprietary to SUC-IT, LLC and protected by the US copyright law. It may not be reproduced, distributed, published or used for any purpose without prior written permission. You may not alter or remove any trademark or copyright notice from this package. SUC-IT is patent pending. 2018.